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GeomaticMaps Web Platform – Geomatic Maps API :

Geomatic can provide solutions, management and support to any kind of organization, or company in any G.I.S., G.P.S. or any other geographical related aspect. Among our customer we stand out: 
• The Ministry of Transportations
• Geoset Ltd 
• The United Nations (UNPD-act)
• Cyprus Police
• Cyprus Fire Service
• Green Dot Cyprus

a. Ministry of Transportations & Public Works Department

Geomatic is the leader and project coordinator for recording the Trans-European Road Network of Cyprus, and deploy 3-D GIS using Stereoscopic Cameras, a project for the Ministry of Transportations.

b. Sewarage Board of Nicosia

Geomatic is assisting the Sewerage Board of Nicosia on the organization of the geographical data of the Board. This organization involves the georeference of vector (CAD) and raster data in one central GIS database. The discretization, grouping and homogenization of the Board’s data (manholes, sewer lines, house connections etc.) generate this central GIS database. One of the applications of this database is the provision of accurate navigation to each manhole for inspection using Garmin GPS devices and the implemented Manholes POI library.

Other Solutions:

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