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Land Use and Coverage Area frame Survey (LUCAS) is regularly carried out by EUROSTAT.
The aim is to identify changes in land use and cover in the European Union.
In Cyprus, since 2012 LUCAS Survey is being carried out by T.C. Geomatic Ltd.
LUCAS 2022 survey: Land Use and land Cover Area Frame statistical Survey

The Statistical Office of the European Commission, EUROSTAT, is carrying out the LUCAS 2022 survey on the land cover and use situation and changes in the European Union. The survey takes place between March and October 2022.

EUROSTAT kindly asks all landowners, agricultural business entities and responsible authorities for cooperation, especially for access to the land and the permission for taking soil samples where necessary.

The surveyor has clear instructions to map and photograph the selected point with a minimum of disturbance and not to cause damages of any kind including any crop covering the survey point.

In Cyprus the survey covers 1342 points and is being carried out by T.C. Geomatic Ltd. The points can fall on all land cover types (cropland, grassland, forest, built-up areas, transport network, etc.). The surveyors examine land cover and land use, grassland, irrigation management and structural elements in the landscape.

In addition, a top-soil sample is taken in 290 points. The sample is analysed in a laboratory and used for purposes related to assessing environmental factors, such as updating European soil maps, validating soil models, and measuring the quantity of organic carbon in the soil which is an important factor influencing the climate change.


In 14 points a further soil sample is taken for the purpose of analysing soil biodiversity.

We draw your attention to the fact that the collected information will be used only for the production of European scale statistics and will not retain any information of personal or land property character. The LUCAS Survey 2022 data will not be used for agricultural subsidies controls and is not suitable for such a purpose.

Should you wish to receive a copy of the result of the soil analysis, please inform the surveyor accordingly and provide full contact details (name, address, phone number, e-mail address).

For further information on LUCAS please visit our dedicated section, or contact Mrs. Alessandra Palmieri, Eurostat, tel. +352 4301 31776, e-mail: or


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