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GeomaticMaps Web Platform – Geomatic Maps API :

Geomatic has developed a rich and powerful Web Based G.I.S. platform, called GeomaticMapsTM. This web platform is based on our own GeomaticMapsTM API  and the digital geographical database of Geomatic and offers a vast number of online capabilities like:
– Mapping
– Navigation
– Search of addresses or Points of Interest (POI)
– Geocoding and reverse Geocoding
– Find Nearest POI
– Feedback for map corrections, comments, etc.
– Display a large number of POI categories
However, the most important capability of GeomaticMapsTM Web Platform is the Distributed Web Based GIS Systems. Exploiting the flexible capabilities of GeomaticMapsTM API, companies of any sector can create their own online G.I.S. application, based on their private data along with the geographical digital database of Geomatic. 
Projects, based on the GeomaticMapsTM Web platform, have already being released. 

a. Office of the Commissioner of Telecommunications and Postal Regulations (OCECPR)

Geomatic, in business association with CYTA – Vodafone and UbiEst S.p.A.®,has developed the mobile navigation software “Navigate Cyprus” forall BlackBerry devices that CYTA – Vodafone supports. “Navigate Cyprus“ application allows users to enjoy a full-featured car navigation experience from their BlackBerry device with turn-by-turn route guidance and voice instructions.

b. Cyprus Fire Service

c. Cyprus Tourist Organization (

Geomatic in association with Cyprus Tourist Organization, has created a web-based map application of Cyprus, where visitors can easily search and navigate to any address or point of interest in Cyprus, and especially tourist-oriented points of interest (sightseeing, accommodation, food & drink, etc.). The application is part of the official site of the Cyprus Tourist Organization that aims to provide tourists that visit Cyprus with a complete multimedia tourist guide (maps, audio and video guides, images and description for all the sightseeing, etc.)  

d. Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO)

CSO is a semi-governmental organization and is appointed as the highest authority in the Republic of Cyprus regarding sports. Geomatic has created for CSO a online public web-based map application where all the private and non-private sport centres of CSO, all over Cyprus, are displayed on Cyprus GeomatiMapsTM.

e. Green Dot (Cyprus) Public co Ltd

GreenDot Cyprus is the first Packaging and Packaging Waste Management System in Cyprus. Up to December 2010, the GreenDot’s system followed a series of expansions and covered 22 (out of 24 that exist) Municipalities and 30 Communities. Geomatic in collaboration with Green Dot Cyprus have created an internal web based map application aiming to an advanced customer service. Specifically, the customer service team of GreenDot can easily inform citizens with the days of the household packaging recovery depending on their home address.

f. Strovolos Municipality

Geomatic has developed for Strovolos Municipality a web-based map application where citizens of Strovolos can learn about the days of collection of garden trimmings of his area. Furthermore, the application provides the search of addresses and points of interest, the display of the different categories of points of interest of Strovolos Municipality and the communication with the municipality for comments and complaints.

g. Agios Athanasios Municipality

Agios Athanasios Municipality, in collaboration with Geomatic, has developed a web-based G.I.S. solution in order to “satisfy citizens’ needs with the minimum effort in order to improve their quality of life”. Through the implementation of the project and the GIS pilot platform in Agios Athanasios Municipality, each citizen will be able, on a day to day basis, to record their request without getting in touch to any municipality officer through the Internet portal. Such requests could be bump folds, street lights folds, water leak, tree falls, fires, rubbish collection, forsaken cars and damage of public areas or schools. These requests will automatically illustrate in digital maps with the support of GIS, with different symbols for each category and condition. Additionally, the web-GIS illustrates multiple points-of-interests (POI) within the municipality area such as library, museum, parks, hotels, restaurants/bars, pharmacies, banks, supermarkets, bakeries, schools, post office etc.

h. Bike Routes

Geomatic has assisted the Ministry of Transportations and Public Works Department to design the Bike Route Network of Nicosia District  and to produce the related maps.  The Bike Route Network has been released to public in GeomaticMapsTM Web Platform.

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