Our GoalAt Geomatic we are very serious about making business

Our goal is to have the best map database which grows continuously both in average and rich content, so as to provide services and applications in a cost effective and transparent way.

Geomatic Technologies

T.C. Geomatic LTD is the leading cartographic company based in Cyprus. Our Headquarters are located in Nicosia, the capital of the country.

Meeting the needs of the Cyprus, the European Union and the Middle East market, for a more geographical oriented aspect of management and development, Geomatic implements innovative managing tools and provides solutions of technological cutting edge, combining the Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) and the Geographical Information System (G.I.S.) technologies. Geomatic provides also rural surveying specialized services exploiting equipment of the latest technology.

What makes Geomatic the biggest cartographic company in Cyprus, is the advanced analytical digital mapping database, GeomaticMapsTM (Trademark No 74329). This digital geographical database is being developed and assessed since 2006, and after having passed all quality controls, it is today being utilized for navigation by the largest companies in the navigation market worldwide, and for a variety of location-based services. Geomatic continuously updates GeomaticMapsTM, in order to maintain the quality and high standards of the database.

Our Services

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