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Remote Sensing, Cartography & G.I.S.

Remote Sensing, Cartography & G.I.S. :


a. Cyprus Agricultural payments organization (C.A.P.O)

Geomatic, in cooperation with Geoset Ltd, has undertaken for second consecutive year the “application of remote sensing checks, on the implementation of simplified plan’s payment Subsidies Integrated Management System (IACS), by the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (C.A.P.O)”. 
The aim of the project was the control of the areas and crops of the Agricultural Parcels declared by the Farmers to obtain area based subsidies using remote sensing techniques, update of relevant Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS).
The framework of the company’s work was:
1. Elaboration of provided LPIS data and other topographic documentation
2. Processing of provided satellite images in order to be incorporated to LPIS
3. Ground Data Collection
4. Rapid Field Visits
5. Computer Assisted Photointerpretation (CAPI) and checks at parcels level
6. Classification on parcel, crop-group and application levels
7. Check for Cross-Compliance (Good Agricultural Environmental Conditions – GAEC)
8. Check and improvements of LPIS Reference Parcels
9. Training of CAPO’s personnel on submitted results  

b. Ministry of Education

Geomatic has won the relevant public contest and now is producing high quality maps (digital and hard copy) of the road network in the area around each elementary school of Cyprus.  

c. Firewatch

Geomatic has undertaken in cooperation with University of Cyprus and the Computer Science Dept

«the investigation of suburban areas and the actions should take place if a fire is detected with the use of Geographical Information Systems – (G.I.S.) in the framework of the Research Promotion Foundation (R.P.F) for Research and Technological Development».

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