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Public Transportation

Public Transportation :

Geomatic is contributing to the design and development of the Public Transportation Network of Cyprus in order to strengthen public passenger transport, to increase the use of the bus and eventually to establish a comprehensive fleet management system and machines for issuing and cancellation of tickets, for a better and easier movement of buses.
Three out of five Public Transportation companies of Cyprus 
• (OSEL) Transportation Organization of Nicosia District
• (Zinonas Buses) Larnaca District Transport Organization
• (OSEA) Famagusta District Transport Organization
in cooperation with Geomatic have designed the urban and regional bus route network.  
The design and implementation of the network involved   
• Data acquisition via G.P.S. (Bus Stops, Bus Routes) 
• Map Design and production
• Timetable creation and evaluation
• Route-related information generation


b. Zinonas Buses


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