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Fleet Management & Dispatcher Applications

Fleet Management :


a. Mantis Cyprus Ltd

Geomatic has come to an agreement with Mantis Cyprus Ltd for integrating the entire digital mapping database of Cyprus in the Fleet Management Application service (Fleet Management System).
For the integration of the digital mapping database of Cyprus, Geomatic has provided data regarding the navigational Road Network of Cyprus, the Coast Line, the States, the Municipalities, the built-up areas, the points of interest (POI) polygons and points, the center of settlements, the hydrology network and  the green line. 
The types of Services provided were :
• Production of digital orthophoto, digital terrain model and digital topographic map database
• Field Visits
• Development of GIS and database Applications
• Data Processing 
• Spatial Data Infrastructure design 
• Development of the Applications
• Technical Support

b. Coca Cola Hellenic Ltd – Pepsi Cola

Major companies, like Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, have requested and received from Geomatic the digital mapping database of Cyprus for their fleet management or dispatcher applications.

c. Infotrip

Geomatic provide the digital mapping database of Cyprus for Infotrip fleet management. The ERMIS platform is an integrated fleet Management System which uses the reliable technologies of GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Mobile Telephony System) in order to provide to the users with the necessary means for the effective management of vehicles’ fleet, emphacing in the reduction of operational cost and the better possible customer services, ensuring the long-term exploitation of investment.

Other Solutions:

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