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Aerial Photography & Rural Surveying :

We can provide to our customers vertical stereoscopic aerial photographs, oblique aerial photographs, aerial video photography, thermographic aerial photography with FLIR and radiometric systems.

Moreover, we have highly skilled and experienced field surveyors, GIS and CAD experts, geographers, system analyzers, aerial photography interpreters  which can detect, collect and analyze diverse geographic and environmental information, in urban and rural areas.


a. Ministry of Interior - Department of Land and Surveys

Geomatic in cooperation with the Israeli company OFEK Aerial Photography (1987) and the Greek company Geoset SA Ltd have won the Tender of the Department of Lands and Surveys DLS 1/2013 which relates to the “provision of services for the aerial photography of the non-occupied areas of Cyprus, the digitization and the 3D representation of buildings and the creation of databases (3D City Model)”

b. Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment – Water Development Department

Geomatic, in cooperation with OFEK Aerial photography (1987) Ltd , Prisma Consulting Engineers S.A. have won public contest and have undertaken the «Implementation of the Law 70 (I) of 2010 for Floods (European Directive 2007/60/EC) ».

The goal of subcontracting companies is the preparation of Flood Hazard and Flood Risk Maps of 19 (already chosen) Areas of Potential Significant Hazard within the first semester of December 2013.

The project indicate the Performance of aerial photography and LiDARsurvey, for 19 areas in Cyprus with the following specifications:

•Creation of 0.5 points per m² raw cloud of laser points. The horizontal accuracy shall be ±15 cm or better, and the vertical accuracy shall be ±40  cm or better.

•Creation of Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of bare ground (Bare Earth Digital Terrain Model).
•Creation of Digital Surface Model (DSM).
•Production of 1 meter interval contour lines based on the DTM.
•Production of break lines description.
•Aerial Photos of the surveyed area.

c. Noble Energy LNG Project

Geomatic has completed successfully the tender proclaimed by Noble Energy regarding the Topographic and Land Surveys at the proposed Vasilikos site of the Cyprus Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project.

Specifically, in cooperation with OFEK Aerial photography (1987) Ltd and the Cyprus company Chant Topo Services Ltd the following works were executed:

•Horizontal and Vertical control survey.

•Detailed Topographic survey of the roads, the permanent and the temporary structures, the services networks, the plantation, etc., thus enabling a full understanding of the area and the current situation.

• Photographic Survey:

High resolution Panchromatic Aerial Photograph with 3cm pixel size and Orthophotos were delivered. For the accurate georeference of the aerial photographs Ground Control Points were carefully chosen and surveyed, ensuring this way high quality and accuracy.

The study area was surveyed using Lidar technology and the Digital Terrain Model and the Digital Surface Model were delivered.

• Legal survey of the study area.

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